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It’s so reassuring when you leave your second home or vacation property for the season and know that it has been properly winterized and prepared to be unoccupied. Do you want to return to your vacation property and it’s ready for you with a stocked refrigerator as well as all water and appliances up and running? This is what Opening and Closing Services are all about. Every home is different and every customer has unique needs. Opening and Closing Services are tailored for you. Our Opening & Closing checklist is a wonderful upgrade to our Basic Home Watch Checklist. Your requirements may be more or less extensive. We can customize as needed.


  • Water. turn on the main supply. Close all faucets. Bleed air from system

  • Turn on the water heater.

  • Turn on Ice maker.

  • Adjust furnace and humidistat settings.

  • Toilets. Turn on water and test.

  • Prepare patio furniture if requested.

  • Check light fixtures and lamps. Replace bulbs if necessary.

  • Smoke and CO detector service on request.

  • Replace furnace filter on request.

  • Close all cabinets.

  • Stock refrigerators on request.

  • Turn on landscaping Irrigation if requested.

  • Confirm alarm is set and doors and windows are secure on departure


  • Water. Turn Off Main Supply. Bleed Faucets. Open cabinet doors

  • Turn off water heater. Drain if potential for freeze exists.

  • Turn off Ice maker

  • Adjust furnace, humidistat, and A/C as needed.

  • Toilets. Water supply Off.

  • Open cabinets under kitchen sink and bathroom sink.

  • Patio furniture stowed on request.

  • Unplug small electrical appliances.

  • Security. Lock all windows and doors.

  • Garage Door in Lock position on request.

  • Perishables removed from the fridge.

  • Garbage out.

  • Confirm Security Alarm is set. Lock Doors.

  • Irrigation system off and winterized

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